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Accounting for companies

Benefit from our accounting expertise for companies

"Because we take care of your business as if it were our own, with impeccable bookkeeping and reliable data."


Get a detailed report and an account of your expenses.

Quickbooks Support

Your accounting whether you are anywhere in the world? It’s possible and easier than ever!

Salary service

Our payroll team also produces the DANS, the CNESST, the CCQ/RBQ and the electronic transmission.

Production of T4/RL-1

Includes the various annual summaries as well as government correspondence!

Management of accounts payable and receivable

Your strength lies in the operations of your business? Leave the management aspect to us!

Financial state

Our internal financial statements allow you to make better decisions for your business activities in the short, medium and long term. We make sure to present the information necessary for the proper functioning of your business.

Corporate tax

Our mission: Minimize the tax impact of your business declaration and why not your personal declaration too.

Management tips

Take the time to get adequate advice, you don’t want to be the victim of a bad decision which can be very costly.

The advantages of doing
business with ABC Impôts

Focus on your operations and strategic growth while our accountants provide you with clear data to support your decisions. ABC Impôts knows your entrepreneurial reality and offers you its network of professionals to find answers to your questions.

We also provide services for

Personal taxes